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In today’s market, property and association management can be a challenge with CAM budget shortfalls and low return on investment. In the past zip code affiliations and geographical location kept property value and occupancy high, but these same areas have been the hardest hit with high foreclosure rates and reduced property values. The existing property owner and prospective buyer are more discerning than ever demanding a cleaner community.

Dirty community entry’s, monuments, sign’s, sidewalks curbs and gutters, perimeter fences and walls leave a lasting negative impression. To maximize your image assets, implementing and maintaining a pressure washing program is the most cost-effective way to keep values at their highest. Liability is reduced by keeping slippery mold and mildew covered sidewalks, footbridges, tennis courts, and pool decking and playground equipment clean eliminating potential injury. The professional contractor will provide you with a comprehensive cost-effective pressure cleaning maintenance program that best suits your community’s needs.