Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that Every Property Owner needs to ask before Hiring a Pressure Cleaning Contractor…

→ Are you licensed and Insured?
Yes: Hydro-Tech Services is a fully licensed – Incorporated and Insured company that is maintains premium GL, workers compensation & liability policy, commercial vehicles policy, to request a copy contact us. Your Property is safe in the hands of Hydro-Tech Services!

→ Will the pressure damage my property?
No: We never use High pressure on your structure’s exterior. We use only low pressure state of the art cleaning methods to protect your Property from the ravages of high pressure. Our solutions are applied at low pressure and rinsed with low pressure. Horizontal Concrete surfaces are the only time High pressure is utilized to achieve optimal results!

→ Are the chemicals you use safe?
Our cleaning compounds & solutions are specially formulated to provide the optimal level of cleaning power and will not harm your your property or our environment.

→ Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes: We at Hydro-Tech Services take great pride in our workmanship. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. “There is no surface we can’t clean.”